When Dedek and Ardi paid a visit.

Hello readers! 🙂

So…. two of my buddies from Sydney (originally Bandung) paid us a visit in Medan! I’m aware that Medan isn’t really a city that has tourist attractions, instead, it’s the heaven of food in Indonesia. Many people domestically and internationally come to Medan JUST FOR THE FOOD!

Well, they came for a few days (four days exactly) which they spent a night in Medan and a night in Brastagi (mountain area). I wasn’t in charge as the food guide as I wasn’t the one who was the host and had the car to drive them around. So what I did was only to give them suggestions of what kind of food that are generally pretty popular and authentic.

Ateng Fried Vermicelli Noodles

Ateng Kwetiaw is one of the most popular kwetiaw (rice noodles) in Medan. Not only they serve rice noodles, they also serve vermicelli noodles and fried rice. It’s located few houses away from my place. What makes it nice? They use duck eggs instead of normal eggs which add to the flavours. The business is pretty popular and has been in Medan for more than twenty years. It has few branches around the town (I think). You can eat it with red chili sauce and chili padi (the green color chili). That portioning is pretty big for me so it’s quite filling. A dish should cost around IDR 28000.

Jln. Sumatera ; Jln. Wahidin; Jln. S. Parman

Satay Padang

This is the most popular satay in Medan. The gravy is still a mystery to me — like I have no idea what it’s made from. Perhaps it’s a mixture of turmeric powder, curry powder, coriander, ginger and many other things. I always forgot considering how spicy the gravy was as normal satays that I had in Australia were never spicy. This satays came with chicken, beef, intestine and lamb depends on your preferences. You can get it anymore at the street. They normally build stalls and “Satay Padang” written on them.

The next morning, I had to wake up super duper early as the guys wanted to get noodles for breakfast — too big for me. I’m not a big eater in the morning. So we went to Jl. Semarang at the intersection of Jl. Bogor. There you’ll find Tiong Sim noodles.

Tiong Sim Noodles

This is definitely not just some kind of ordinary wonton noodles. It does come with wonton, but the noodles texture and taste are different. If you have to compare it with other normal wonton noodles in Medan, this one has a better taste — more plain if you guys like plain stuff. This is my favorite soup noodles in Medan.

Ahhhhhhh, after that big breakfast — which is normal for Medan people as they can also manage to eat Nasi Lemak, curry and some other heavy stuff for breakfast. We went to the temple at Cemara Asri for few hours and at 11am we headed straight for lunch. Oh, I was so going to die. Next destination — Lembur Kuring

Fried Carp

Must order — so crunchy!

Kangkung Belacan

Fried Chicken

Fried Butter Prawn

Fried Octopus

Ice Limau

After getting very very full, we went back to the hotel at SwissBell. And look what I spotted!

Different colours of durian pancakes!

That was awesome being able to see there are three different colours. However, I’m not a big fan of colours so yeah, I won’t be tempted to eat them. But you definitely need to try durian pancakes. Heaven!

After walking for a while around the hotel, we went to Jl. Yose Rizal to get afternoon tea — to me, it wasn’t afternoon tea. I didn’t have the same space of food with the guys.


Ice Cendol

Cendol is referred as bump or bulge. It has an appearance of green worm jelly thingy. The basic ingredients are coconut milk, palm sugar, cendol and shaved ice. It’s yum yum!

Ice Campur (Mixed Ice)

I prefer this than Ice Cendol as it has more stuff in it rather than just cendol. Normally it consists of shaved ice, coconut flesh, jackfruit, jelly thingy, cendol, black grass jelly and many other things depends on what ingredients are available.

Oh boy, afterwards we went to Sun Plaza — the most popular plaza that Medan people (especially Chinese) go to. Walking around, and we decided to go to the third floor and tadaaaaa Nelayan was there. It’s a dimsum place and yum! You should try the food there.

Chicken Bun (Bakpao/ Cha Siu Bao)

I’m not sure if the have pork bun but we ordered chicken bun. The bun was SO SO SO NICE! I seriously mean it, the bun is just sooo ah fluffy. I have no idea how to explain it but it was really nice.

Fried Lumpia

Lumpia normally consists of prawn but the one here, wasn’t that nice. It wasn’t crispy enough so I suggest not to order this dish. It might be disappointed.

Soft Shell Crab

Prawn Dumplings


Prawn Balls

Another Prawn Dumplings

Leng Hong Kien

YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO GET THIS ANYWHERE ELSE BUT MEDAN. So this is a must-order dish. It’s basically prawn wrapped with a layer and mayonaise on top of it.

Chocolate Yoghurt

And lastly don’t forget to go to LG Floor and get yoghurt from Red Mango. They have the best yoghurt flavours in Medan!