It’s time for what…?

So, what is this fuss about?

“Hey, have you heard that there is a new restaurant open in Kingsford?”

“Oh yeah? What is it called?”

“It’s Time for Thai.”

When the first time I went in, I found this restaurant has pretty good atmosphere. Hey wait, I was here before, right? Oh, I was wrong. They have another branch in Randwick which is called… Crap, I forget. =___=”

So these are what I normally order and if you guys are newcomers, I suggest you guys aim for the curry first 😀

Crispy Chicken with Rice

This thing, this dish, is awesome. I really love it but wait, it’s pretty oily for me. I guess it depends on you guys whether you guys have problems with oily food or not. I’m very fussy when it comes to oily dishes but I think it’s not wrong for trying this dish. It’s very crunchy and I highly suggest to put a little bit of chilli flakes with them.

WARNING: THEIR CHILLI FLAKES ARE VERY SPICY. Therefore, don’t try to act tough lol. I had my lessons once 😥

Beef Noodles Soup with Egg Noodles

It usually comes with rice noodles but I normally get it with egg noodles cause the egg noodles are tastier compare to their plain rice noodles. Once again, it’s up to your preferences. But among all o

f the three noodle soups — Chicken Noodle Soup, Beef Noodle Soup & Duck Noodle Soup — I would recommend to either order the Beef Noodle Soup or Duck Noodle Soup. I didn’t find Chicken Noodle Soup amazing. It lacks of flavours.

Now, moving on to curry. If you’re a big fan of curry, ORDER ALL CURRIES YOU LIKE IN THE MENU 😀 Seriously I love all their curries. I found them pretty amazing especially the Karee Curry. You are given choices to get the curries with chicken, beef, duck or seafood if I wasn’t wrong.

Karee Curry

Beef Red Curry

Masamman Curry

So please please please please please….. order the fried rice! They are very tasty and smells good! I love their flavours — Tom Yum, normal fried rice and many others.

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Tom Yum Fried Rice

And if you do prefer dried noodles more than soup noodles, you can order the following dishes.

BBQ Chicken with Egg Noodles

Crispy Chicken with Egg Noodles

Singaporean Curry Noodles

Not really a big fan of it cause it tasted kinda off.

Lastly not to forget their Thai Iced Milk Tea

Cheers xx

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