Go Dutch?

“Iiiiinnnn!!!” my mum yelled at me.

“Whaaaatttt???” I asked.


“Okaayyyyy, where?”

First time I stepped my foot in this restaurant, I was like “WOW” this place is different. What makes it different?

What I really like from this restaurant is:

  • the ambience — it has a pretty catchy atmosphere, very good place to chill and it’s not too noisy.
  • the coffee — well latte and many sort of drinks
  • the food! check out on their chicken menus

Nasi Perang

If you directly translate it to English, it’s called rice war which is a pretty funny name. Well basically in 1800ish in Indo, peasants were sort of required to go for wars in order to defend their territories, or invaded others’ territories. Basically to ease the journey, they carried these things around which consisted of brown rice (or can be normal rice too), peanuts and some fish — what important was being able to carry them around easily.

Caramel Latte

It somehow tasted like hazelnut — maybe something was wrong with my tastebud LOL. But this is the only drink that I normally order as I already like it heaps. Apparently, this place is pretty famous for the coffee. If you’re eager to try good coffee, you guys should try Kopi Luwak — Civet Beans — refer to those beans that are eaten and excreted by civets.

Nasi Goreng

Who doesn’t like friend rice? Most of authentic Indonesian fried rice are good, especially when they’re spicy yum!

Australian Sirloin Steak

Wanting to eat steak? Well, they normally have promotion for steaks (50% off!!!) — I couldn’t remember what sort of steaks but they’re plenty of choices to choose from the menu.

Grilled Chicken

Now this is the dish that I have been wanting to learn. Basically they are chicken breasts wrapped with smoked beef ham and spinach, and maybe they’re a little bit of cheese as well. Underneath the chicken you can find mash potato. They are also served with steamed vegetables. I found the gravy was a little bit too sweet for me to handle (as I’m not a sugar fan), but if you prefer something healthier and less oily, I would suggest you guys to order this dish.

Chicken Maryland

“Order this dish,” a friend said.

“But I’m not a big fan of fried food,” I replied.

“Just try it!”

This dish is cooked by dipping the chicken with flour and fried it. It is also served with fried pineapple and some vegetables and also not to forget to mention –> mushroom sauce. I would say it’s pretty good although it’s fried, and it definitely tastes better than Grilled Chicken.

And I saw this sign on the wall! LOL

Little do they know that in the process of producing wine, you need more water than you think.

Price is pretty okay for foreigners but may be a bit expensive for locals (hey we don’t go out and eat everyday. Inflation!) 😛 Very good place to chill with friends.

Roemah Kopi Wak Noer
Jalan Uskup Agung No. 15, Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

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